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Diddy Ft. Yung Joc– “Diddy Bob” Listen











Shareefa Ft. Ray L.- “Cant Stop Luv’n U”







She’s back!  DTP’s Shareefa has been circulating new songs hope this means a new album. 


Cassie– “Not What Love Is”











Kelly Rowland & David Guetta– “When Love Takes Over” Listen










So I am so happy to hear Kelly is making some moves, however, this single is with French DJ David Guetta for a Euro-pop track, because this song would never fly in the states. 


Christina Milian– “Zipper” Listen:









Teairra Marie Ft. Kanye West– “Diamonds” Listen









Glad to see that Ms Marie is making a come back and that Kanye blessed the track.  I really hope this go round is better for her. 

Coline Creuzot– “Give and Take”









Coline Creuzot, is an up and coming 22-year-old artist from Houston, Texas.  The singer/songwriter is currently working on her first album.  Some people might recognized Coline from Solange’s “I Decided” music video.  I actually like this song, Texas might produce another great one.


Johnta Austin– “Take It Back”






Keri Hilson – Covers the front page of J’ Adore magazine  … Hot look





















Meagan Good–  “So Good”

So actress Meagan Good has released a snippet of her new song ” Song Good” last night no twitter.  So yeah now she’s a singer … um the sky is the limit I guess?



Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye West & Common “I Poke Her Face” Listen


OK so I already love “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa, so its only right that the talented Ohio native Kid Cudijumped on board and sampled the track.  Very nice approach.  I think Cudi got a hit on his hands.


Rock City Ft. Akon & Swizz Beatz– “I’m Leavin” Listen









Rock City BKA R. City is Akon’s lastest label signees.  Theron and Timothy are brothers from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  Not only do they bring a new flava to the music scene they have a couple of credible projects underneath their belts (they wrote Pussycat Dolls, “When I Grow Up” and Jennifer Hudson’s “If This isn’t Love”. 

Beyonce Ft. Kanye West– “Ego” Remix -Listen












B is back at it again with her second set of new singles from her current album, I Am… Sasha Fierce.  Who does that?  I’m not hating, I think its a good thing she is on the grind.  No one does it like B!


Remember Sammie?







 Sammie Ft. Young Joc- “Body Rock” Listen

Sammie is all grown up now.  He recently has released his lastese single featuring Young Joc “Body Rock”, and I must say its a decent track.  Sammie new album, Coming of Age, is set to be released this summer. 


Lil Wayne!


















Just had to post this:  Lil Wayne is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone’s April issue.  All I can say “He Rockin That Sh*t Like”  Whoa!  Here is a taste:

“The rock shit just comes from what my life is now,”  Wayne, says.  “I’ve grown into this person.”  Make sure you go cop this issue, support your boy



Letoya Luckett- “She Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me” Listen















Letoya’s new sinlge has just hit the net  … So you got first dibs on it  ….  What do you think?


88-Keys Ft. Kanye West- “Stay Up” Official Video

Charles Misodi Njapa, BKA 88-Keys.  Born in Long Island, NY to West African parents.  Many of you may have not herd of this man but if your Hip hop head you definitely know the name.  Key-88 has been behind the scenes since 1998 and has recently resurfaced.  In his new video “Stay Up” featuring Kanye West, both play old man trying to make “it happen”.  Funny stuff.


Bayje- “Find A Way” Listen









What do you think?  Bayje is 19 years old from Syracuse, NY.  She is from mixed decent with an Caucasian mother & Black father.  Bayje received her name from her mother, because she was teased as a child & her mother thought the nick name would ease racial tension she was feeling.


Cassie & Diddy Mixing in the studio- “Must Be Love”

Listen to the entire song:

Cassie new single actually sounds decent people.


Letoya Luckett- “Not Anymore” Official Video”

My girl is back!


Keri Hilson Ft. Keyshia Cole & Trina- “Get Your Money Up” Listen







Yes, I know this is started to turn into Keri’s new music page, but the girl is hot right now.  Keri’s new album, In a Perfect World, is due out later this month.  I’m not crazy about this track, however, its definitely sounded like a anthem for ladies.  The fellows may not like this one so much.  Ha ha ha …


The Dream Ft. Mariah Carey- “My Love”

The Dream’s new single is definitely a bangerrrrr.  No surprise here The-Dream always delivers


Tiziano Ferro Ft. Kelly Rowland- “Breath Gentle” Official Video

I know your probably like who the hell is this guy, Ferro actually is a popular Italian Latin pop singer.  I came across this video on line and I saw it had my girl Kelly in it, and I wanted to share this video with you.  Something new is good sometimes.


Ghostface Killa Ft. Novel- “Message From Ghostface” (Dedicated to Rihanna) Listen



















 Finally!  Someone in the Hip hop industry has directly spoken out on the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation.  Ghost talks directly to Rihanna and other women who have experienced physical abuse.  This song drives home the issues that a lot of young women face everyday.  Everyday women face this difficulties, and Ghost asks through this song , what is it all really worth in the end?  To many times these situations are over looked and not given the spotlight it needs.  I am loving Ghost for this.  I think this situation has set the stage for us as women, men, and fans to address an issue that is detrimental to young women. 











Keri Hilson– “Turnin Me On” Remix Ft. T-Pain & Lil Wayne












So I know everyone has herd about this song.  So who do you think Keri is talking about, if anyone at all?  Personally I don’t think it’s B.


Ryan Leslie– “Gibberish” -Listen











Ok so I’m rockin this hard on my ipod.  I love this song.  This songs speaks to women/girls, men/boys, and everything in between. Love love love.


Jazmine Sullivan- “Dream Big”

Now first of all let me say I think this song has a really great message, however, I don’t think it should have been a single.  She has some really awesome songs on her album.

Lil Wayne- “Prom Queen”

Last month I posted the song, and a lot of you expressed you liked the song.  So here is the video, oh and I like.


Fallon & Felisha- “Infected” Listen

I know you remember the twins from Cherish.  Well apprently they are doing their own thing now.  This is there first single coming off their new album.  Cute song but the sound is exactly the same as Cherish


The Dream & Kanye West- “Walk the Moon”


Drake Ft. Lil Wayne & Bun B- “Uptown”- Listen!

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper/actor/singer.  He is beat known for his role on the hit show Degrassi.  As an entertainer he uses the name Drake.  Drake is the son of Dennis Graham, a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis.  His father is African American and his mother is Jewish Canadian. 

Currently Drake has a mixed tape out entitled So Far Gone, on Februaury 13, 2009.  The mixtape has some heavyhitters such as Lil Wayne, Bun B, Lloyd, Santogold, Omarion, Peter Bjorn & John, and Lykke Li. 


Click the link below to download the full mixtape












 Cam’Ron’s New Video: I Hate My Job (Killa is Back)

Killa Cam is back with his new single “I Hate My Job”.  Cam seems to be smarter this go round, because people will be able to relate to this track.  Many will sing along with similar stories and thoughts…  And we all know what it’s like to hate a job….

Cam’s next single will be released soon, “Crime Pays”. 


RICK ROSS goes after 50 Cent in “Mafia Music” Music VideoRick Ross- “Mafia Music”- Watch- 


Everyone is talking about Rick Ross new joint ‘Mafia Music’.  Shawty Lo, T.I., Whitney Houston, and Bobby Brown all catch heat by Rick Ross.  But most notable Ross takes a low blow at 50 cent “I love to pay ya bills, can’t wait to pay ya rent/ Curtis Jackson baby mama, I aint looking for a cent/ Burn the house down” Rick Ross goes in on 50, “You gotta buy another/ Don’t forget the gas can/jealous/ stupid/ muthafucker.


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