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          Breaking News- Allegedly Lauren London is 5 months pregnant with LIL WAYNE’S baby!  OMG.  For several months there has been rumors going back and forth but all was denied.  However in a recent interview a disclosed source mistakenly leaked the info.  Stay tuned … developing story












Seems like yesterday


For many of us female Nas LOVERS we did not want to see Nas with another women better yet married so when he tied the knot with R&B singer Kelis five years ago, many were disappointed but yet happy for the couple.  We have come to except them as Hip Hop’s leading couple.  Now …  Kelis has filed for divorce yesterday afternoon … alleging Nas has cheated and became verbally abusive.  As much as I HATE  to say this … Ummmh.  I hope they can work through this because Kelis is expected to give birth July 21, 2009 to the couples first born son. 


Goodtimes no more










Today in Flint, Michigan, Lorrie Thomas was charged with the murder of her adopted daughter, Shylea Myza Thomas, [biological niece] a 9-year-old quadriplegic.  Genesee County prosecutors today charged Lorrie Thomas with second degree murder along with five other charges.  Neglect and malnourishmentseem to be the cause of death, Shylea, was found dead earlier this week in a  public storage unit in Vienna Township. 

It has been reported that the bag was covered in mothballs. 



















Beyonce looking fab as usual













Loving that dress … This Balman sequin dress with a train is from the 2009 fall collection … And the Louboutin black pumps completes it.


















Idris Elba looking oh so very good … Idris brought his swag on the red carpet in all black. 



















Beyonce & Costar Ali Larter

Beyonce talks about her family and upcoming tour.  Watch video below:


On November 2, 2009 Beyonce is heading to London to perform at O2.  A 100 British women dressed up in black leotards and tights to perform the “Single Ladies” dance.  I guess the frenzy is still in full swing.
















Check out the video in the middle of London:


















Ye & Amber Rose Campaign for Ye’s nu nu Louis Vuitton sneakers












I must that say, they are looking like a Go
















Love love love the red accentuating the all black



















Jaz’s new has a new look & I likes a lot




















Yellow shoes are banging with the nautical look




















Blue mini wrap skirt accented with the red belt … Fashion at its best














Yesterday the bloggers went into a frenzy over the news of Dwade and Gabby expecting a baby (including myself), however,  Gabby stated with Entertainment correspondent Egypt:

“Hey E!..Girl I love margaritas and my career too much for babies at this time”….”the Chicago Sun Times has been asked to print a retraction but clearly the truth didn’t make it as far as the lie…I’m not 37…let’s get the real deal out there. Why would I get knocked up AND why would a bunch of ball  players sit around talking about whose got mothering skills…the rumor was stupid and made no sense and your the first person to bother to fact check so thanks girl. I’m not ready for babies at this time. It’ll be years before I am! But big ups to all the women out there holding it down!”

So I guess we  spoke to soon … Well we shall see … hehe




23 year old Kerby Revelus









Boston, Massachusetts:  Kerby Revelus, a 23 year old has killed his two younger sisters while another watched.  Revelus fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister, Samantha, beheaded his five-year-old sister, Bianca, while nine year old, Sarafina watched.  Revelus was shot and killed by officers who arrived at the scene. 

There is no clear motive for this horrendous attacks that occurred on Sunday in Milton, a wealthy suburb. 

Bianca was killed as her birthday cake sat on the kitchen table.  Sarafina is the one who dialed 911 and then witnessed police fatally shoot her brother.

Sarafina was hospitalized for wounds to her hands, and wounds in her abdomen and one of her legs.

Kerby Revelus recently served time in jail on gun charges.  In 2004 police were called to home for domestic violence, Revelus punched Jessica then 17-year-old sister in the face. 

Police believe Kerby was agitated since Friday, when he got into fist fight with a neighbor.  While his grandmother did laundry in the basement, he attacked his siblings with a kitchen knife.  The children’s parents, Regine and Vronze Revelus, were not home.