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23 year old Kerby Revelus









Boston, Massachusetts:  Kerby Revelus, a 23 year old has killed his two younger sisters while another watched.  Revelus fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister, Samantha, beheaded his five-year-old sister, Bianca, while nine year old, Sarafina watched.  Revelus was shot and killed by officers who arrived at the scene. 

There is no clear motive for this horrendous attacks that occurred on Sunday in Milton, a wealthy suburb. 

Bianca was killed as her birthday cake sat on the kitchen table.  Sarafina is the one who dialed 911 and then witnessed police fatally shoot her brother.

Sarafina was hospitalized for wounds to her hands, and wounds in her abdomen and one of her legs.

Kerby Revelus recently served time in jail on gun charges.  In 2004 police were called to home for domestic violence, Revelus punched Jessica then 17-year-old sister in the face. 

Police believe Kerby was agitated since Friday, when he got into fist fight with a neighbor.  While his grandmother did laundry in the basement, he attacked his siblings with a kitchen knife.  The children’s parents, Regine and Vronze Revelus, were not home.



  1. First of all, I really wish world societies would STOP referring to the brutal, savage beatings, rapes, murders and verbal/psychological abuse routinely dolled-out predominantly by MEN to WOMEN and the CHILDREN who Women invariably are forced to Protect…as: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    Assault is – just that: one person (..invariably a MAN!…) taking it into his head, to take up his fist or some other implement of pain, and savaging another person.

    Rape is – just that: one person (..invariably a MAN!…) taking it into his head, to force his penis into whichever orifice of a Woman or Child bests satisfies his lust for power, control or humiliation.

    Murder is – just that: one person (..invariably a MAN!…) taking it into his head, to take up knife, gun or other lethal implement to end the Life of another human being because this act brings some sort of satisfaction to his ow – STILL LIVING – self.

    I think my point is made. However, I will just add this other irrefutable FACT: until WOMEN tell Men to their face EXACTLY how LOATHSOME, STOMACH-CHURNING, HATEFUL AND DESPICABLE they consider their HISTORICALLY-UNCHANGED BRUTISH DRIVES AND MODES OF BEHAVIOUR TO BE…Men will continue to allow their birth-vested HUMANITY to atrophy. Privileging instead the TWINGES WITHIN THEIR GROINS AS THEIR – SOLE – IMPETUS FOR ACTION.

    In short: I SAW a Woman…and FELT like raping her.

    Similarly, I FELT anger toward a Man…and FELT like killing him.

    And so MAN – not Humanity, continues in his sordid and breath-wasting journey of SACRIFICING HIS MORAL-MATURATION, AT THE BLOOD-AND-SEMEN STAINED ALTAR OF HIS SEXUAL GRATIFICATION.

    It is – to me, a repulsive thing to be a Man.

  2. The son should not be included in the funeral services. He should be left to rot. It appears he had a mental disease and the proper treatment was not sought.

  3. Horror is all I can think of for this family. Our prayers will be with them for years. I am so curious as to what portion of the “community” bears the blame for the unbringing of this slime. Seems that the loving family raised good kids…hard to lay it there. If someone can get to the bottom of this it would serve all of us. What happens? Hey, Jesse and Al are available. If they cared about the community they would be really be showing up and staying a while in these cases where healing (Reverends they are I think) is critical. They could help communities and rescue their legacies. Oh, and can’t blame anyone who is glad the bullet did its job on this subhuman beast.

  4. When we need them to shoot, they don’t…sad

    • Thank you for the feed back… I completly agree with you… more people need to think on that level, however, if you dont stay above what the media dishes out then you are subject to thinking one way.

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