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Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant














Here we go again.  Another senseless act of police brutality.  On New Year’s day Oscar Grant, a young 22 year old male was shot face down by a BART officer [Johannes Mehserle] in Oakland, California.  Grant was unarmed and hand cuffed.  There are reports that the officer was reaching for his taser but since when does a taser feel like a glock?  Since when do you have to pull a trigger on a taser?  And if you can’t tell the difference between the two point out the academy that promoted this man.  Its obvious that cops have become so desensitized to a black human life that they could take a life so carelessly and in front of any one who could tolerate it.  How could this happen again?  Another young father killed by the hands of a inexperienced, scared itchy trigger finger cop.  I am in total shock and disgust right now. 

Three years ago Sean Bell was murdered on his wedding day.  50 shots were fired at Mr. Bell,  killing him and wounded others.  1999 Amadou Diallo was gunned down, 41 shots fired at an unarmed man.  Most recently, 17 year old Billey Joe Johnson of Mississippi was stopped by an officer and Billey “allegedly committed suicide”.  Billey was a star football player, one of the top high school football players in the country, however, this case has been ruled a suicide but under investigation by the NAACP.  Robbie Tolan, 23 year old  baseball player was shot unarmed in his own driveway by an officer who “thought” he was driving a stolen car.  Robbie is the son of former major league player Bobby Tolan.  The list goes on and on, and I don’t know about you but I’m tired of counting.

Whats next, more protest, more fires, more arrest?  What is it that we can do as a people?  We have to band together and change our situation.  Circumstances like this make me feel so hopeless to the future of the black man.  Yes, Obama is our symbol of hope but for right now that’s all he is a symbol for something bigger.  Currently our black men are dropping like flies by the hands of cops who pull the trigger like we breath.  There are no real repercussions just sorry excuses and million dollar pay offs for a life.  So what they are willing to pay more for a black life, but they are only paying for a black man dressed in a body bag rocking a toe tag.  This cant be life, this cant be love, this cant be right, there’s  got to be more, this cant be us.  Are yo mad yet?  If so good, right now we have to write our congressman telling them how we feel and what needs to be done.  Write your letters and spread the word.  Now is the time to speak out and stick together.  We cant afford to lose one more life, the next life might be closer to home.


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  1. Wow this is an incredible story! This is crazy that this is still happening with such negligence. Great writing skills. This is just sad bcuz this could be my brother or anyone’s brother that I know.

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